Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting ready for the Battersea Pumpkinfest Oct16th 2010

We'll be selling our crafts at the Battersea Pumpkin fest in the Kingston Humane Society tent.

Here are a few of the little halloween knits I've been working on.

There's no catnip in these little felted pumpkins, they are just ornamental.  However, cats love little rolly things and the smell of natural fibers so they could be used as cat toys.
Made from 100% real wool these are about 1" tall.

A gaggle of little ghosties.  These are catnip filled and on "fishing rods".  The eyes are firmly attached.

This little black felted kitty has glow in the dark whiskers.  As you can see she's very friendly, always offering a paw.

Jack is catnip filled
Felted witches hat is a about 2" tall and filled with catnip

Miniature traffic cone is about 2" tall and catnip filled. 

 All of these little things are fun to make, but often time consuming and labour intensive.  I only wish I had time to produce more!  I'd be happy to  share the patterns for these with any knitters willing to make more for our craft table.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pictures of our crafts

Here are a few photos of crafts done by Andreanne. 
She designed the cards specially for Crafters for Critters
And here's a little bluebird she crocheted.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sneak peak at my little knits

I like to knit tiny things.  The cuter the better.  Here are a few of the little knits I've been working on....

Felted finger puppies have been very popular - I can't make them fast enough!

Harvest time is here...and so are my tiny carrots.  About 4" long, just the size of a cats foot.

Spooky bloodshot eyeballs with attached optic nerve.  Just in time for Halloween.

L'il owlets are about 2" tall and make great cat toys.

Whoo Knoo?

Thinking ahead to Christmas, I'm knitting up a few of these cute little fellows.  About 1 1/2" tall.

Big Paws at the Point


Despite the rainy weather we had a good day at Lemoine Point with over $250 in sales and many cat beds sponsored.  Since our club formed in June of this year we have earned $1055 for the Humane Society and we have made over 100 soft comfy beds for the shelter cats.

In the photo above are some of the crafters: Monika, Betty, Kari, Jen, Mary, Andreanne, and Linda.

This dog is modelling one of our "Safety Bandanas".  They are made of hunter-orange fleece with a reflective pawprint sticker.  They come in four sizes - from large to tiny.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Sewing Session

What a fun afternoon of sewing we had at Brenda's house! We enjoyed crafting together, sipping tea and sampling some goodies provided by Deanna and Monika.  My old sewing machine was a bit noisy, but we managed to have a good chat too.We all worked together to make a bunch of cat beds for the Sponsor-a-Bed program.

Here's me (Betty) at the sewing machine.  Notice that I positioned myself very close to the snack table!

Deanna and Maddy at the pinning table.

Brenda and Monika at their sewing machines.  In the background Brenda's holding one of the kitty tents she made.  She gave us a quick demo on how to make them.

Andreanne did some hand-sewing and worked on her paper crafts.  Jennifer (sorry no picture) helped with the handsewing too.
Our results at the end of the day.  Still more went home with Monika and Jennifer to be completed.

I definitely look forward to doing this again!

We also had a small Stitch and Chat for the knitters last Thursday evening at my house - that was great fun too. (oops, didn't take any photos)

Any crafter is welcome to offer to host a crafting session of any sort.  Just contact me and we'll arrange it. Contact Betty

Sunday, September 5, 2010


We're starting a new program - A Toy for You and a Shelter Cat Too!

For  $5.00 a donor can choose one of our exclusive handmade cat toys for their own precious feline AND a shelter cat gets a toy too.  There will be a separate special selection of toys for the shelter cats, as these have special requirements.  The shelter toys have to be washable and must not contain catnip.

The regular toys may contain catnip and be made of any cat-friendly materials.  All crafters are welcome to contribute their creative cat toys.  Here are a few I quickly made one afternoon:

These are a little fur pouch with a jingley ball inside and a bit of real leather lace.  I've attached a loop of cord or yarn to some of the toys for attaching to the kennels. 

These were cut and hand-sewed from old wool socks.  I stuffed them with other bits of wool socks and added a few bright felt bits.

ps Thank you  to Roger for providing the home-grown catnip that will be used in our cat toys!