Sunday, September 5, 2010


We're starting a new program - A Toy for You and a Shelter Cat Too!

For  $5.00 a donor can choose one of our exclusive handmade cat toys for their own precious feline AND a shelter cat gets a toy too.  There will be a separate special selection of toys for the shelter cats, as these have special requirements.  The shelter toys have to be washable and must not contain catnip.

The regular toys may contain catnip and be made of any cat-friendly materials.  All crafters are welcome to contribute their creative cat toys.  Here are a few I quickly made one afternoon:

These are a little fur pouch with a jingley ball inside and a bit of real leather lace.  I've attached a loop of cord or yarn to some of the toys for attaching to the kennels. 

These were cut and hand-sewed from old wool socks.  I stuffed them with other bits of wool socks and added a few bright felt bits.

ps Thank you  to Roger for providing the home-grown catnip that will be used in our cat toys!

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