Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting ready for the Battersea Pumpkinfest Oct16th 2010

We'll be selling our crafts at the Battersea Pumpkin fest in the Kingston Humane Society tent.

Here are a few of the little halloween knits I've been working on.

There's no catnip in these little felted pumpkins, they are just ornamental.  However, cats love little rolly things and the smell of natural fibers so they could be used as cat toys.
Made from 100% real wool these are about 1" tall.

A gaggle of little ghosties.  These are catnip filled and on "fishing rods".  The eyes are firmly attached.

This little black felted kitty has glow in the dark whiskers.  As you can see she's very friendly, always offering a paw.

Jack is catnip filled
Felted witches hat is a about 2" tall and filled with catnip

Miniature traffic cone is about 2" tall and catnip filled. 

 All of these little things are fun to make, but often time consuming and labour intensive.  I only wish I had time to produce more!  I'd be happy to  share the patterns for these with any knitters willing to make more for our craft table.

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