Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Sewing Session

What a fun afternoon of sewing we had at Brenda's house! We enjoyed crafting together, sipping tea and sampling some goodies provided by Deanna and Monika.  My old sewing machine was a bit noisy, but we managed to have a good chat too.We all worked together to make a bunch of cat beds for the Sponsor-a-Bed program.

Here's me (Betty) at the sewing machine.  Notice that I positioned myself very close to the snack table!

Deanna and Maddy at the pinning table.

Brenda and Monika at their sewing machines.  In the background Brenda's holding one of the kitty tents she made.  She gave us a quick demo on how to make them.

Andreanne did some hand-sewing and worked on her paper crafts.  Jennifer (sorry no picture) helped with the handsewing too.
Our results at the end of the day.  Still more went home with Monika and Jennifer to be completed.

I definitely look forward to doing this again!

We also had a small Stitch and Chat for the knitters last Thursday evening at my house - that was great fun too. (oops, didn't take any photos)

Any crafter is welcome to offer to host a crafting session of any sort.  Just contact me and we'll arrange it. Contact Betty

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