Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Second Meeting

We had our second meeting last night.  Thank you Andreanne for hosting. We had two new members join us, Mary and Jennifer.  Mary brought a box of items to donate.  She had knit some nice blankets for the shelter cats too.  Linda is knitting scarves, dog outfits and catnip mice.  Andreanne's cat loved the sample she brought.  Linda is also collecting used books to sell.  Monika has made some more cute dog bandanas and pads for pet carriers.  Brenda has been working hard at producing more beds for the shelter cats.  She brought some smaller sized ones to fit in the pet store cages. Andreanne made some nice price tags with our logo on them.  I sewed a colourful banner for our club, and brought a few samples of other items I'm working on.

We discussed selling and pricing and I'll be reducing the prices on the bandanas.  We hope to get out to some of the Kingston Humane Society's community booths and sell some of our items.  We discussed the cost of materials and we have decided to continue to donate our materials as well as our time so that the shelter gets the maximum monetary benefit from our efforts.  We'll make what we can with what we have and with what we receive from donations. 

We talked about getting more exposure on the internet, no one is interested in setting up and maintaining a facebook page at this time.  I'm trying out this blog and a google group, so we can share some ideas and pictures and so new members can see what we're all about.  Mainly for now, we are keeping in touch via email.


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