Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crafters for Critters - How it started (I'll be brief).

Back in May 2010 (not that long ago), I had an idea to make some beds and toys for the cats at the Kingston Humane Society. I also wanted to help with fundraising. I've been a long time crafter (mostly needlework) and thought about making crafts to sell. I knew I couldn't produce enough on my own so "Crafters for Critters" was born. Almost immediately other crafters signed on and within a few weeks we had our first meeting. Everyone and enthusiastic and we came up with lots of ideas for the club. In just a few weeks we have provided many kitties with warm soft beds, dogs with flashy "Adopt-Me" bandanas, and we have already raised a few dollars through craft sales. There's lots more in the works. We've been busy crafting and creating. We're having our second meeting this week and we hope to get some more sales by setting up a table at various up-coming events. Our group continues to grow as we welcome more crafters.

Keeping in touch and up-to-date: I'll try (when not busy crafting) to post here some of the things I'm working on and what's going on with the club in general. I welcome (and encourage) any other Crafters for Critters members to blog here as well and let us know what you're working on.

We support the Kingston Humane Society 100%. All of our proceeds go directly to the KHS or Crafters for Critters club for supplies. So far, we have been donating our materials as well as our time. We also accept donations of crafting materials. We are completely non-profit!

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