Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Grandma visits

My mom from Halifax came for a visit.  She knits all the time.  She does a lot of knitting for her various charities in Halifax and she was more than happy to knit up a few things for Crafters for Critters.  We spent a few days working out a pattern for little critters.  We sat in the back garden and knit some furry little mice and a few other critters too.  We played with different colors and textures.  I think the felted furry mice are the cutest.  We stuffed a few with catnip.  The larger ones could be kids toys or pet toys.
Grandma also had an idea for felted balls (it came to her at 4am).  She knit several and we felted them.  Some have bells inside.   I took a photo of her with her knitted balls and made a humourous poster (picture and caption above).  We had a good laugh over the poster and she thinks it's a good idea to display the poster when we're selling the balls.

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