Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Success at the Sheep Dog Trials

That's me behind the table of crafts.  The crafters have worked hard and the table was overflowing.

Jennifer was there to help at the booth Saturday and Sunday, she's hiding in the background.

The kitty tents (in front of the table) sold well.  Some were donated by Mary and some sewed by Brenda.

Meagan manned the KHS booth for most of the weekend, along with several other volunteers.  She was helpful with the craft table too.

 Some more photos of our crafts:       

 Lovely soft pet bed make by Brenda
 Bloodshot eyeballs with optic nerve attached.  Filled with catnip.  A fun, albeit gruesome, toy for the kitties.

 These little lambs were very popular.  They are knitted and felted, with a removable coat.
 Dog wear knit by Linda.

 Just a few of our many dog bandanas.  Monika has been helping with the sewing.

Kari and Monika making greeting cards.
Our cards are fantastic and sell extremely well.

I hope to have some more pictures up soon!

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  1. Wow the booth looks great and you have some amazing stuff for sale!! Thank you so much Crafters!!

    Kristin Mullin